Business Continuity Management System

We cannot stop earthquakes, floods, or other forms of damage from various different sources, but we do have the duty to reduce their negative impact and achieve rapid recovery of business operations by incorporating Operative Continuity of technological aspects and, above all, human resources as a key element of global security.

Our target:
Providing company management with the tools necessary to encourage a strategic, tactical and operative approach to protection against events that can hinder recovery of business continuity.

Our Task:
Analysing the impact on the business of various events, providing assistance in performance of BIA (Business Impact Analysis). We check and improve the consistency of Business Continuity Programmes, including ability to react, Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery; we plan and organise recovery operations for restoration of the established minimum level of operation; we provide training and awareness programmes and conduct the drills necessary to support these practices and ensure that they are incorporated into the company’s corporate culture.
Companies that allow themselves to be taken by surprise by negative events (whether natural or intentional) and suffer damage as a result lose their position on the market, with serious consequences for all their employees.

Business continuity management ought to be a priority goal for organisations of all kinds, as a key aspect of corporate social responsibility. Our consulting services are completely personalised, directing our clients’ work toward strategic, applicative and sustainable aspects.