Crisis Assessment & Management

Our target:
Preparing you to identify and respond to emergencies and crises, to make the right decisions and give the right answers right away so as to maintain your good reputation and reliability.

The statistics demonstrate that only enterprises with a corporate governance policy with a focus on planning and prevention will survive the test of time. By incorporating the discipline of crisis management in your policy, you can increase your profits and improve your ability to withstand foreseeable and unforeseeable damaging incidents and processes that take place over time.

Our task:
Offering you an opportunity to take the first step toward conscientious planning to prepare for and respond to potential crisis situations, no matter how unlikely you consider them to be. We won’t let you proceed on a case-by-case basis, which would result in very high organisational costs; the actual activities involved in crisis management differ depending on the type and sector of business, but are always based on a number of minimum basic steps which you will be able to take working with us.

We develop and apply Crisis Management Plans including all the tasks involved in identification of a potential crisis situation, attempts to prevent it and, should this be impossible, prompt resolution with mitigation of the damage caused.
Our plans include a number of factors of critical importance for successful crisis management, such as: identification of Crisis Teams and Crisis Communication Plans.

Some companies are already obliged to prepare official Internal and External Crisis Management Plans. We conduct an assessment of the existing Crisis Management Plan or Plans to determine compliance and, if necessary, complete the plan or prepare a new plan.

Lastly, to determine the success of your crisis management strategies, we conduct tests and drills, an area in which our network specialises, preparing specific crisis simulation scenarios.