Scienze per la Sicurezza Consulting
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Scienze per la Sicurezza Consulting relies on the collaboration of a highly qualified team with years of experience working in various branches of security, inspired by team spirit and a desire to innovate, implemented with constancy and determination to concretely change and improve business processes. Our success is the result of the cooperation of a carefully selected network of professionals with multidisciplinary specialised skills and highly qualified technical partnerships establishing strong synergies to provide companies with complete protection, organisational, logical and physical security, safeguarding of information assets and achievement of business continuity.

A consulting and managerial training company founded and directed by Angela Pietrantoni, an experienced professional certified in the area of integrated security and organisational resilience. Pietrantoni has many years of experience in the field behind her, and has worked with professionals universally recognised at the national and international levels for their ability to provide advanced security and safety services.
Her certifications include Business Continuity (AMBCI), PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer), Security Manager UNI 10459:2015, certification in the Maritime sector and RSPP certification for Safety (Italian “level” B6 and B9). Starting in January 2013, determined to found a new organisational security consulting services company which would be scientifically based but inspired by the need for simplification and innovation, Pierantoni selected a team of talented professionals and qualified partners to allow Scienze per la Sicurezza Consulting to grow in the disciplines of safety and security, business continuity and disaster recovery. The company now draws on the experience of prominent professionals, drawing on three generations of consultants. Specialists who work with the company on an on-going basis include Michele Messina, a crime, fire, safety and security consultant and trainer. Messina has held positions of responsibility in Italy and Europe in the field of insurance as a director of ANIA’s Prevention Department from 1976 to 2006. A professional registered in the Board of Industrial Experts and Industrial Experts with Degrees in Electrical Technology and Electronics, Messina is also registered in the Interior Ministry’s list of Fire Safety Professionals under Law 818/1984, Legislative Decree 139 of 8/03/2006 and Ministerial Decree 5/08/2011 and is therefore also entitled to train fire safety officers and emergency response officers and authorised to issue certificates of attendance for the obligatory safety training courses required under Legislative Decree 81/2008. A designer and tester of integrated crime security systems, video surveillance systems, and fire safety equipment and systems, he has worked with the national standardisation agencies UNI and CEI for many years.

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