Risk Assessment & Management

Our target:
Putting you in the condition to be able to make your strategic risk management policies an essential requirement for effective management of your “core business”.

Our task:

Implementing a process intended to become a mindset for more conscientious, participatory management. In practical terms, after assessing the business context, the targets to be achieved, the history of risk in the company and possible future scenarios, we proceed with assessment and weighting of risks, followed by identification of the best risk mitigation, risk transfer, risk reduction and risk “elimination” strategies.

We address this process with an innovative decision-making sequence that not only takes into consideration "new" risk hypotheses but broadens, in a consistent, structured fashion, the spectrum of management techniques that may be used to deal with risk: economic, technical, financial and insurance strategies. We conduct dynamic assessments taking into account a number of factors essential for successful risk management, without forgetting to consider the positive consequences as well as the negative ones, estimating the severity of impact.

New international policies in all areas of business are oriented toward promotion of corporate governance and risk management. For example, the New Regulations for the Prudential Supervision of Banks, Circular no. 263, or Solvency II and of course the new ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 standards, which are profoundly risk-based

Our task is to provide you with methodical support in assessment of threats to the growth of your product, offering you customised services that respond to your specific needs. We will guide you through a process of learning more about your company and learning to estimate the basic parameters for identification of the right strategies and opportunities for continuing to produce, reducing risk and increasing the value of your company.