We make sure that your company is always concretely and specifically protected against the security risks applicable to your risk context and field of business. We draw on your real requirements and on the experience of the people who work with us, rapidly coming up with the best solutions based on good national practice and international standards, harmonising them with your company’s policies and your industrial and geographic context.


Large and small enterprises, major retail chains, public entities, banks and insurance firms count on us. We offer them a guarantee of complete achievement of their security goals and requirements, using our own proprietary method and our specialists with skills and experience in a variety of different technical fields.
What does security mean to you? To us, it means protecting the safety of people and the value they produce. Providing a company with complete protection, locating the weakest link in the chain and identifying what we consider the best way of protecting people and their work. .

We constantly pursue the goal of guaranteeing you the security you need to work with a competitive edge. We employ top professionals carefully selected to offer our clients an outstanding, prompt, original response to their needs.

Our approach is necessarily multidisciplinary; our specialists’ professional backgrounds range from safety to security, including key themes of great interest in the European Union and internationally, such as data and information protection, coordinated with a vision of integrated security for constructing resilience in organisations. Fields in which we have achieved highly gratifying results include:




Business continuity in the public and private sectors
We started out on the basis of BS25999 in 2006 and implemented subsequent amendments, replacements and applications thereof (ISO 22301:2012, ISO 22313:2012, etc). The purpose of Business Continuity is to ensure that your business can get started again with a predetermined acceptable level of performance in the event of an adverse incident. Its goals are to guarantee restoration of the key elements for your business, technical resources, information systems and people, or implementation of an alternative solution. In whatever sector you work in, consumer, pharmaceutical, chemical, banking, public or private enterprise, our method based on sectorial regulations, international standards and experience in the field allows us to come up with the best strategies, modelled on your specific context, minimising the cost of potential incidents.
Emergency and crisis management
Crisis management is a key aspect of protection of your tangible assets and brand, that is, of your people and your business. Emergency and crisis management plans are key to the best prevention and security methods and are essential for getting back into business rapidly, minimising the cost to the company and the risks for the people involved; but these plans must be well-made and maintained. Scienze per la Sicurezza Consulting specialises in preparation of emergency and crisis management plans, harmonising them with the context in which you do business and your requirements for recovery, and in drills for ensuring that your plans are truly effective and sustainable.
Crisis communication plans
It is strategically important for any organisation to have good internal and external communication plans and procedures in place. Companies that develop such plans gain a competitive edge. Our job is to guide you in the choice of the best communication protocols, helping your company develop an ability to determine what and when to communicate and helping you select the most appropriate medium, method and content for communication.

Risk assessment
We believe that identification of all risk mitigation and protection strategies begins with an appropriate process of risk assessment. Risk analysis must take into account all the risks involved in an organisation, and in-depth knowledge of these risks is an essential requirement. A risk assessment document therefore becomes a truly useful tool for prevention and protection against all internal and external risks, a dynamic document capable of overseeing the evolution of the company and its risks in a complex, ever-changing context. For example, in any organisation and any sector it is important to take into account both safety and security issues, as the effects of an adverse incident are not confined to the area where they are produced, and their impact on people and their safety can be very serious. It is also essential to take into consideration the growing phenomenon of environmental crime, and the greater number of liable offences resulting from involvement in the “administrative liability of companies and organisations” (Legislative Decree 231/01). Businesses operate in an increasingly complex scenario, in which risks are always changing, and if risks not given the consideration they deserve, the result can be serious errors in judgement with major economic repercussions for businesses and workers.
Internal/external risk communication
We consider communication one of the most important business strategies for security, as well as a regulatory obligation for information and involvement. Carefully assessment of all risks is not enough; you must be capable of communicating these risks to everyone involved. Our assistance takes a number of forms, all aimed at guaranteeing effective, efficient communications. We offer our support for measurement of the effectiveness of communication tools and of the level of understanding of what has been said, heard and perceived.

Crime and fire security
True security requires assessment of a multitude of different aspects which run through all business processes and are integrated into them. It is especially important to harmonise the need for a series of safety factors with a number of security factors and tools. We fully implement the goals of fire prevention, minimising the probability of damage or injury, while always suggesting that our clients also pay careful attention to crime prevention, in technical, organisational and administrative terms.
Technical legal consulting services
We advise and support our clients in determining “how to do things right” to provide increasingly safe, long-lasting, environmentally compatible and competitive products and services.
In order to consolidate free trade among EU member states, national and European legislators are promoting new corporate governance rules based on regulations, models and best practices defining the dimensions, performance, environmental and security features of products, processes and services to the highest standards.
Our consulting and training services offer a concrete competitive edge to companies pursuing their business and marketing goals and help them avoid fines and claims for compensation.
Pre-auditing for insurance
Pre-auditing offers enterprises an opportunity to make up for and correct any “irregularities” prior to the official audit, before the insurer can say that insurance policies are inappropriate for technical and organisational risk management and use this as an excuse to raise premiums. Our specialists have the skills and experience in insurance and security required to correlate all the elements involved and conduct a qualified pre-audit including everything from comprehension and identification of the types of exogenous and endogenous risk insured to analysis of technical features, documents and forms of organisation. Our pre-audit processes include analysis of technical aspects and documents with on-site inspections, after which we supply a complete report describing the gaps identified and suggestions for correcting them.
Focus on criminology and victimology
Certain offences, such as fraud or holding of pornographic material or other unlawful material obtained over the internet on business premises, can have major consequences for businesses in terms of both direct damage and damage to image. To reduce the possibility of such threats to companies and employees, who are the principal victims of such offenders, it is essential to implement adequate protection against the persons who might commit such an offence. We can help you identify the best forms of prevention, providing appropriate business protection training for the prevention of fraud and insider attacks. Our know-how combines the synergic skills of the science of criminology, corporate organisation, the best security practices and consolidated know-how to provide cognitive support for company management and for the security manager in order to lay the foundations for a proactive management and organisational model for crime prevention, also helpful for ensuring exemption from liability under Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Maritime security & safety
We have highly qualified partnerships in the areas of maritime and harbour safety and security. We are working to establish integrated safety procedures, that is, procedures that take into account the requirements of commercial operations in the harbour while also conforming to the operators’ security and safety requirements. The goal is to prevent and reduce the risk profile that can result in interruption of business continuity, resulting in a negative economic impact and damage to the image of maritime companies and harbours.
Supply Chain Management
The entire Value Production Chain, from production to the end customer, must be provided with the same “minimum” level of protection and security. We offer a complete assistance service for identification of the best route to ISO/Customs certification with professionals in the areas of safety, security, and overland and maritime transportation. We can guide you through the planning and implementation of processes of strategic, tactical and operative preparation, and first and second level audits for achievement of your targets.
Critical Infrastructure Protection
The issue of Critical Infrastructure Protection is currently in the international spotlight. But within Italy, what are the implications of compliance with Legislative Decree 61/2011 implementing European Directive 114 of 2008? We believe it means introducing top level application of security in complex enterprises with the goal of identifying and assessing existing protection systems, interdependencies and operator plans for improvement of security through application of best practices.

European personal data protection framework (“Privacy law”)
Data protection is an increasingly relevant issue at the international level, with major economic repercussions, to the extent that Europe has agreed on a package of reforms updating the existing data protection legislation in order to harmonise it in the 28 member states. The new European Regulations introduced in the spring of 2016 give companies two years to adapt. Scienze per la Sicurezza Consulting can help you prepare and update a personal data security management system, including measures for the protection of confidential and sensitive data and assessment of the measures to be adopted as a consequence of the new European regulations (Privacy Impact Assessments, Right to be Forgotten, Data Privacy Officer, etc.).
Legislative Decree 231/01
Our multidisciplinary know-how, familiarity with technical and legal issues and knowledge of security management systems allows our specialists to conduct analyses appropriate to the specific context in which you work in order to identify and develop an organisational model consistent with the regulatory framework governing liability of organisations. Such a system has the effect of limiting liability only if it includes properly developed detailed procedures and is adequately implemented through pervasive decision-making and operative processes.