Summing Up

Good performance is an investment that creates value:

  • Business Continuity Management System
  • Global Risk Management & Communication
  • Crisis Management & Communication

Cross-process integrity :

  • Crime and fire security
  • Technical legal services
  • Pre-auditing for insurance

Criminology and company profitability:

  • Internal/external fraud
  • Web security & prevention
  • The regulatory framework implemented by Legislative Decree 231/01

Guaranteed integrated security for every link in the chain of land- and sea-based enterprises:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Maritime security & safety
  • Risk assessment and preparation for the position of Prevention and Protection Service Manager

We put uncertainty into context, simplify it, prevent it and deal with it through our consulting services, training and participation:

  • Safety and security training workshops
  • Change management process workshops
  • Crisis/emergency simulations and drills
  • Management of the vulnerabilities emerging in assets, processes, systems and people
  • Identification of training requirements for all job positions and business units on the basis of the risk assessment conducted